Friday, February 17, 2017

Tease and enjoy

To make a man want you more than anything, you need to know how to tease him properly. You might well be aware of all this already, but here are some tips to make his lust take him over.
First of all, don't be shy to show him a peek of that gorgeous ass you have. Shaved, soft and well toned, it's a piece of meat to be proud of! So let him have a little glimpse at what he's getting, but do it accidentally. Bend over or lift your skirt quickly like you were just fixing it a bit. Don't push too hard, this is just to start him up.

You can also tease him with your breasts especially if he's a new friend and haven't seen your beautiful girly buds yet. Just play as if you consider him just a friend and casually ask him how he thinks your breasts look like while showing them. If you have big enough tits, you can also try downblousing, letting him see your cleavage while you bend over in front of him. Getting positive attention to your breasts will almost certainly make you feel more comfortable and sexier too. This will make teasing even more fun and make him want to bone you even more!

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  1. What a sexy femme Ass , just soooooo smooooth Firm n girlie plump n round., just lovely!!