Friday, November 22, 2013

Photographing studio

Photoshoot at a real studio would be nice. I love showing off, but I can't seem to be able to take very good pictures of myself. That's mostly because I get so aroused when taking photos that I forget to pay attention to the camera and start paying more attention to my little boycock and tits. I wouldn't mind getting an invitation to a studio to let someone professional handle the camera for me.

I don't know much about posing in photographs, but I'd like to do a wide variety of different poses myself. I know what I am and I'm very proud of my body, especially the girly tits, a fine round ass and of course also my "little extra" - the part you don't get with real girls ;-)

And my dear god how I'd love to repay a nice photographer for his effort. One of my fantasies lately has been a fuck in a phtographing studio. I know these guys are professional, but I'd really love to try if I could seduce and distract them to come from behind the camera to inside me...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Blog is back up – Join the hunt!

The Blog is back up from a few days of downtime. I'm so sorry that this happened. I was trying to reactivate my Google+ account, but it seems to be frozen for good. But atleast the blog works again! I promise, I'll be even sluttier little whore for you in the future to compensate the downtime.

As a matter of fact, I'm issuing a Sissy Styles hunt campaign! If you see me in public anywhere, just say the magic words "I read your blog miss Styles" and I'll be your fuck bitch right there. Whether you want a handjob, a blowjob or just fuck the shit out of me right there, it's okay, you may do it!

We'll do it in public, of course in a side alley or so, just private enough not to get distracted before I get your cum out, one way or another. Or you can take me to your place or your car and do me there, if too much publicity annoys you. I of course prefer more public places so everyone can see that you've tamed a sexy slut for your pleasure ;-)

I can't wait to get violated by your groping hands and eager hard cock!

I hang out at the beach quite a lot, so catch me there...

...or when I'm working out. No, I don't actually play tennis, but you might bump into me at the gym or on my jogging route. You can even meet me at the swimming hall. I'd love to get fucked in the locker rooms there!

So come on and join the hunt. Just say "I read your blog miss Styles" to me in the face and you'll get a piece of always horny tight little sissy ass!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little tits, starting out as shemale

When starting the transformation from a sissy boy to a full shemale, the first thing on a slut's mind is "how to make my tits grow?". Constant massage, suction and hormones will take you a long way towards your goal of having a rack that all men desire. It's a satisfying feeling when you first realize, your cum mounds have actually grown to a cup size and you need a bra.

At this point you start wanting to show your new boobs to just about everyone. Flashing them in public is one thing, taking self shots at home is another. Letting horny guys feel you up at parties is a great reward for any sissy little shemale.

Here's what you want to do when you start getting noticeable growth. Pull your top down or blouse up whenever you can in front of potential fuckbuddies. And it's ok! Let them see your new tiny funbags. Show them that you are for real, becoming their little slut girl little by little. Let them take a look at what they're about to get to play with.

Nipple growth is essential. Not only hormones help you here, but you need to stretch those little buds as well. The results may vary from pointy nipples on the left to the big, soft and tender areolas on the right. This depends on your physique and the way you stretch them. If you use small suction tubes with high suction for long periods, you'll get nice pointy nips. If you can use a pulsating suction with large cups, you'll more likely end up with a larger, softer nipples. Of course the best way to get suction is to let daddy and his friends suck your nipples all day long ;-)

Be proud of your new tiny tits. Even if you are heading for a big cup size giant boobs, you should start out with what nature's own hormones can give you. And let me tell you, there are a lot of men out there that crave for small, tender teen tits! I kinda miss my early days with small tits, they were very firm, a bit pointy and poked through all my shirts like they'd been constantly sucked.

Have fun with your little mounds and don't forget to let your daddy and other men enjoy them too!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shemales on their backs

Yes, it is one of the oldest sexual positions available, but laying on my back, having my ass filled with stiff manly cock is still a lot of fun! It's the one position that leaves my useless boy clit available for either my own or my partners' attention. It can be tugged or just have it hang there, slapping against the balls and stomach.

And what could be more fun than to get my ass fucked and have my tiny dick spew it's cum load all over my slutty tits and tummy? I know this is also a turn on for many men out there, who love to watch their little slut cum as they fuck us. Are you such a guy, do you like to see me getting my own cum shot all over my body while you're still ramming your cock up and down my ass? Leave a comment and tell me if it's a turn on or maybe even a turn off for you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cocktease gets fucked hard

Let me tease you with with a little booty shake and tit jiggle! It's like telling you I have the most tight little ass and the softest, nicest boobs, but you're not going to get to play with them! Isn't that mean? I'll show you my body in this way, all day long, teasing you, making you go crazy horny until you can't see straight. At the end of the day all you'd want to do is grab that ass and fuck it hard, wouldn't you?

Well let me then ease you up by giving you the softest little blowjob you've ever got. Smooth, slow, warm bj, taking your cock deep in my mouth, sucking it gently, making you so hard it's beginning to hurt. But I'm going to take my time too, taking you to the verge of cumming and then taking it easier again. Time after time your cock already starts to spasm, but I won't let you cum, not just yet!

This is your reward for all the teasing. You can finally grab my ass and fuck me real hard. Now you have the total power over me and your super hard cock can cum inside me whenever you want it to. I'll let you enjoy and I bet your cumshot will be bigger than ever, filling my little slut ass up until it's dripping out. So come on daddy, take your little whore and fuck me now!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shemale pissing collection

I'm not too much into pee fetish, as I've noted before but when my daddy or some older guy tells me stand as his urinal or wants to look at mee pissing, I won't say no. And I do love these photos of very beautiful shemales peeing around. Please, allow me to walk you through some of the best tranny pee pictures I've found on the web! Oh and remember, you can click any pic to view a bigger version.

Here's two pissing shemales to start with. I love the left one doing it outdoors, maybe in public park or an open community garden? She's got nice soft feminine body and she really seems to enjoy showing her urine arc to passers by. The girl on the right has some amazing tits! She seems more embarrased being caught in the bathroom, but there's still a smile in there as well. A nice girly stance too.

I love being nude and all, but I think many things look sexier with some scant clothing. Here's a pair pissing with their clothes on. I just love the push ups and the see-through top on the garage lady. Also her tiny prick is so pretty, a totally useless little boyclit!

These beautiful black babes both have great boobs and feminine curves all around. I can imagine the slut on the right has just been fucked indoors by a group of horny men. It's a hot sweaty night, she's got her ass filled with cum and they're all having a little break. So she goes outside to cool off and takes a quick piss in the flower bench before heading back in for the next round. And will you look at her hips and tummy. I'm so jealous!

Here we have some pale slutty whores for a change. Both look  like they can take cock all day and night, being daddy's little fucktoys. And with those bodies, they're probably enjoying life as trophy girlfriends at parties as well. All they need after their piss break is a vast amount of black bull cock to show them their worth as breeding stock. At least that's how I reckon the situation!

And we're down to our final pair of the day. Let's call this the grand silicone finale. Look at the picture on the right and you know what I mean. Perfectly round breasts with tiny pink nipples on them. You like? I do, even though I'm a fan of big meaty nipples myself!

This concludes our tour of the day. I thank you for paying attention and if you got a hard on following my lead, please come with me and you'll get a relaxing massage ;-) Leave a hot comment and make me your horny little slut!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shemale beach sex

Sunshine's caressing my breasts, a gentle summer breeze tickling my hips as I enter the warm ocean. The sand feels so soft, like the best of beds as I lay down in shallow beach water. Letting the water slowly move around my body, fondling my every curve. It feels like thousands of little hands are feeling me up, demandingly yet very gently. I start getting aroused and you notice it too, so you put down the camera and ask me to come to you for a little treat.

No time is wasted, you know I'm already wanting you inside me. With ample load of lube, you enter my tight ass while running your hands around my body, feeling my thighs, my tummy, my firm breasts and girly thin arms. You know how to satisfy a horny shemale! I feel your cock moving inside me more and more, getting deeper. Soon the pain stops and I'm full of feelings of pleasure.

You keep fondling me while you ram your hard cock inside me, with a quickening pace. I feel your heavy breathing and I know we are both very close to the climax. I cum first. I shoot a clear string of sheboy cum right down on the sand and water. It glistens in the sun, like a string of diamonds. It sways back and forth as you give me your final thrusts before taking your cock out.

You quickly turn me around, put me on my knees and I only get to feel a touch of your hard cock on my lips before you start shooting your cumload on my face. I enjoy the moment, getting blasted with your thick cum. I let you paint my cheeks with your semen and I love your grunting as you do so.

Soon we'll be continuing our photoshoot again, but who knows how long we can go on before we need to interwine into each other again in another moment of steamy hot beach sex.