Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Managing a "pure" look and feel

To stay really attractive to men, and I do mean gentlemen, you have to stay pure. A virgin like appearance, good feminine manners and a bit of shyness in the bedroom takes you a long way. Being pure is somewhat an opposite to being a total slut. You can be slutty pure, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise you will lose the gentleman and end up being a gangbang whore. Well, that's not always such a bad thing, but let's say we want to stay pure this time.

The basics of being a pure, a sweet little piece of ass are simple. Keep clean! You need to be extra well groomed, well shaved, well lotioned to have a skin that looks like no one has ever laid a finger on it. Wear white! White is a traditional color for virginity and it really does work. So, keep your underwear white and simple, your dresses white and wear white stay up stockings to complete the pure look.
But remember to be at the gentlemans reach. When he wants you to bend over for him, you do just that. Because you are a nice sissy, an obedient sweet little thing. And that turns him on, I assure you. You will get your reward afterwards. He will make you his nasty little bitch in no time and you get to enjoy the whole treatment.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Intimate erotic kissing

What is the one single move to have anyone jump into bed with you? It's a proper, long, erotic kiss. Let him start it, but jump right into it, giving your whole body into the kiss. Lean against him, rub yourself against his body. Let him feel your passion, your heat.


Lean back, let his hands wander on your body, feel your every curve and your tender parts. Give in to his command, be his pet for the time. Get naked and keep on going. Take his cock in your hand, but keep your lips busy.

Let one thing lead to another. Let your kiss turn into a night of his satisfaction.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Great shemale asses

Hear me now my fellow sissies and shemale friends. Your ass is what makes men want us. You can have tits or maybe not, but you always have an ass. So take care of it! Shave it properly and do your butt workout to keep it round and firm. Squats are excellent for butt toning, just doing a few sets of 10 squats a day helps your ass stay tight. Do your sets keeping your legs at different width apart and you do maximum good for your behind and your legs as well.

Also remember to present your behind in lace or nice miniskirts to make your man really go nuts over you. What are your favorite butt workout routines and what do you like to wear to make your butt look extra nice?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Assisted masturbation

Here's another masturbation post! This time I'm going to cover some ways a sissy can masturbate together with a partner. So grab your cocks/clits everyone and dive in to another adventure in a life of a sissy girl!

No penetration, his hands

First way to get off by your man partner is to get in front of him and ask him to stroke your sissy clit. You get to touch nothing but you may enjoy his firm hands taking full care of your tits and tiny cock. This is a good position, because you get to rub your ass against his hardening penis.

Penetration, own hands

In this variation the sissy girl takes cock in the ass and strokes her own girly cock while his partner fucks her. This can be done doggy style or in missionary position as shown below. The good thing about missionary is that the sissy gets to enjoy cum on her belly and in doggystyle the best part is actually for a third person, since the cum will drip down on mattress in long streams.

Penetration, his hands

This time sissy gets fucked again, but her partner not only controls her anal pleasure but also her girly cock. The best part is that he can rhythmically fuck the ass and stroke her clit at the same time. He can choose the right pace and force the sissy to squirt on her stomach and tits when he pleases to do so. Also consider force stroking her after the squirting while still pounding that ass. It will make your sissy squirm in pleasure!

Penetration, no hands

Here we see the most dedicated sissies again. Those who are girly enough to get all the pleasure they need from anal massage, without the need to touch or stroke one's sissy cock at all. A lot is of course on the shoulders of her partner too, because she has to be fucked really good to make this happen!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sissy masturbation

Hi everyone! I decided to write about sissy masturbation techniques where I'm collecting some usual ways that make that sissy slut juice squirt out. In this post I present to you some ways a sissy can pleasure herself, when in heat. If my list is missing any important ways of masturbation, please let me know in the comments!

Simply stroking

The very basic way for a sissy to masturbate is a remnant from the time one was a boy. This one consists of simply stroking your tiny cock or clit as you might want to call it now. No arousal of the rectum involved but you can and really should use your free hand to squeeze on your titties and to tease those horny nipples. That way you can make a simple stroking masturbation way more luscious.

Stroking & fingering

The next step from simply stroking yourself is to combine that to a gentle fingering of your boypussy. Lube up your middle finger and gently slide it first around your hole until when you feel ready, pushing it slowly inside you. Thinking about your favorite cock will help slide it in more easily if you're a first timer.

Stroking with a toy

If your finger starts feeling too short and slim, it's time to move on to a dildo. Start with a smaller one! If you try to go straight to the monster sized bats, you'll probably just feel uncomfortable and develop a fear for dildos all together. So start with a small one and progress towards bigger ones. Try a simple rubber dildo or orgasm yourself with a powerful vibrator.

Penis pumps & pocket pussies

Even though penis pumps are targeted for real men, there's no harm done if a sissy tries a pump every now and then. It can really make that useless boyclit grow inside the vacuum tube. In this style of masturbation you don't need to touch your clit at all but it is advisable to use a dildo or a vibrator together with a pump. There are also pumps for breasts and nipples. You should use them as well to make your lady parts bigger and more sensitive to his touch.

With penis pumps and especially with pocket pussies you can also play together with your partner. If he ever finds your boypussy boring or otherwise does not want to fuck you, you can help him by offering a nice fucking with a soft vibrating pocket pussy. Fleshlight brand is the most known of these toys but there are anal versions available as well. Just stroke his cock gently with this toy and he will surely either throw his load inside the fake pussy for you to lick or go wild and fuck you even if at first he didn't feel like it. It's a win-win!

Masturbation with no clit touching

This is the sign of an ultimate sissy. No need to touch that boyclit anymore, just rape that ass with a good dildo and she'll squirt cum all over. This can usually happen with a real cock for most horny sissies and sometimes when a partner is operating the vibrator, but a good sissy can do this to herself too.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lingerie gifts for christmas

Christmas time is here and surely all you daddies out there want to pamper your favorite sissy girls with nice presents? One of the most traditional but also best gifts for your sexy little fuckbuddy is a set of nice lingerie. Wearing erotic lingerie makes your sissy feel sexy and wanted. And don't kid yourself, you like to look at us in our most girly moments too! There's a wide variety of different outfits you can choose from for your holiday gift, so let's take a quick tour on your most common options.


There are nightgowns and babydoll dresses for your sissy love to sleep in. These are especially great if you like to pop to her place in the middle of the night for a quickie, because she will always be ready wearing a sexy night dress. Good thing is, you don't need panties with these, so you have nothing to take out of the way before giving her your special stiff gift.

Panties and bra

You just can't go wrong with a classic matching set of panties and bra. Make sure it's girly with lace, maybe some see-through parts or a bow or two. Rememberm your choice of color is also a message! White for virgin-like innocence, pink for the most girly feeling, black for a mysterious spicy hot sissy and bright red for that special dirty whore of yours. Panties are especially great for a sissy with a remarkably good ass. But don't just buy her panties, also let her know you like how she looks wearing them!

Bodysuits and variations

There are also so called catsuits or bodysuits available, which as the name implies, are tighter and cover more than dresses or panties. Some catsuits have long sleeves and legs, while others, like the one below and left are cut just below waistline. The good thing about bodysuits is that they usually have an open crotch, which again means easy access to your slut's toybox.

What I want for christmas

What I'd like to have for christmas (in the context of lingerie) is a two piece, really girl set. I know I have a nice round ass for panties and nice perky tits for this sexy looking top shown below, meow! Would you like to see me wearing these?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Collared for neighbour's pleasure

Girl in frilly lingerie and collar

I submit to you by accepting the collar around my thin, ladylike neck. It gives me pleasure to give my body fully to your control. The collar represents this power you have over me. You are my master daddy and I am your little slut. And I want to be a pretty slut for you daddy. Am I?

Man in suit dominating woman

You take the leash firmly in your hand and walk me around a little, showing me off to your neighbour. I dare to take a peek at him and I see he’s watching me with a very distinctive gaze, a gaze of a horny, dominant man. I can read his mind through his eyes. He’s already tearing my lingerie off and penetrating my tight little boypussy in his imagination. There’s a sexual flame burning in his eyes, watching me, still walking by your side, leashed.

Worthless fucktoy shemale

As you walk me by him again and again, I do my sexiest crawls and poses in front of him. He picks his phone from his pocket and asks you if it is ok to take some pictures. You look at me and give him permission. I feel embarrased and proud at the same time. Embarrased for being in a very submissive position in front of a near stranger and yet proud that you think I’m pretty enough for some photos. You give me a some props and tell me to pose for the nice neighbour.

Face down ass up

Kneeling in front of black dildo

Man in suit and submissive slut

You make me stay in various poses for the neighbour as he takes pictures. He’s not too picky, taking dozens of photos of me. He takes photos of my little tits, my boypussy and my hanging clit that’s dripping precum. You bring more chains and sex toys for me to pose with and he seems satisfied with all the new stuff I play with in front of his camera.

Nipple clamps submissive slut

You put clamps with chains on my nipples, pull the chain so tears rise to my eyes. It’s pain, but soon it turns into a good feeling, like my nipples would burst with sexual tension. They are throbbing and feel very warm to touch. My nipples are yelling to my brain that I need breeding, I need cum, I need to have a thick cock inside me to silence this lust.

Nipple squeeze submissive slut

Collar slut about to suck cock

You order me to stay on my knees and tell your neighbour to spray my whore face and body with his cum. His eyes lit up. This is what he's been waiting for. I see his hard cock springs out eager and willing as he takes his pants off. His cock is not very big, it's not thick or long, but it throbs in the air, like a fully loaded sharpshooter, just waiting to burst on to a cumslut's face.
He first plays with my nipples teasingly but soon enough shoves his cock in my mouth. I'm enjoying all of it, taking it all in like a good girl should. He compliments what a good cock sucker slut you have found. Again I'm proud.

Submissive collar slut cum on face

He continues to fuck my mouth but I feel from the very beginning that this isn't going to take long until he's going to explode. And I was right. I gently lick the knob of his cock as he starts moaning and his cock throbbing wildly in front of my face. I can see the veins of his cock grow and his testicles rising upwards as his semen load starts bursting out. I take his cum on my face, just like you told me to.

But now I notice that you have taken your clothes off and your bull like cock is hard. I feel my heart jump as I know that now I'm finally going to get the one cock I adore most. My daddy's hard, throbbing, big and veiny, manly cock. The cock that I want to breed me. The cock that fills me up and shoots it loads deep inside me, causing me to tremble in pleasure as your thick bull cum penetrates my sissy insides, turning me into a panting, moaning, trembling slut bitch. This is what I've been waiting for the whole day. A long, long day of other cocks coming and going, pounding me, tickling my throat.

Threesome blonde

You grab me from behind and I feel your huge cock penetrating me. Your neighbour watches at first but I see his little cock getting hard again and he moves to fill my mouth again.

Lingerie big tits blonde riding cock in threesomeThreesome blonde sucking and riding cock

It's a great pleasure for me as I feel two cocks in me. One, a small one in my mouth and a big one fucking my sissy pussy. I feel so good... I don't just want to get doggy styled so we change positions and I climb demandingly on top of the neighbour. I take your cock in my mouth and let the other guy's smaller cock slide inside my sissy pussy. I ride his cock and I can see he's probably never had anyone ride it so hard and good. I let his cock ram in me, feeling every inch of the insides of my sissy pussy. I know I'm making him almost mad doing so. Meanwhile I suck your cock the best I can, gently, then more roughly, feeling it fill up my mouth.

Threesome girl on her back

I feel your anxiety and soon enough you take me from riding the other cock and throw me on my back. I see the neighbour's cock is throbbing, spitting out precum as it almost came inside me. But now you demand what's yours. You penetrate me with your big cock, like a man penetrates a slutty sissy whore. You ram your cock in me, filling me up instantly. I scream from pain and pleasure as your knob hits the back of my slutpussy.

Submissive cumshot gif animation

First cums the neighbour. He shoots his load on my cheek, bigger than the first one, surprisingly. His cum splatters my face and I feel his salty taste slowly dripping on to my lips. And as he moves aside, I'm all yours to take.

Old man fucking young blonde gif animation

Muscle man fucking woman gif animation

Tit squeezing fucking point of view pov gif animation

You take me hard. You pound my pussy, deep, hard, almost violently you penetrate me, breeding me.

Oh please daddy, fill me with your hot thick semen! Squeeze my tender little tits hard and do it. And you do. You squeeze, you push your cock so deep inside me, it feels like you're filling me up completely from head to toe and all I can hear from own heartbeat is your animal like growl as your cock makes a huge throbbing feeling and shoots your sperm deep inside your whore sissy girl.

Cumming inside a blonde

Hentai xray cum inside breeding gif animation

Now daddy... have I been a good girl taking all your sticky thick sperm inside me? You again bred me as your own slut girl. Thank you, daddy. This is what I waited for the whole day! Let me just catch my breath and feel that cum swim around inside me. I can feel it making me more of your submissive slut as it fills me from inside. Some of it is dripping out of my sissy pussy because there is so much of it, but I try to keep most of it inside me... to make me your slut bride, completely.

Edited from a personal message sent to my sweet daddy at Imagefap, you know who you are! <3